WBFF Pro Male Fitness Model World Champion & Muscle-Pharm Sponsored Athlete – Obi Obadike Talks to Sixpackfactory.com

We Talk to "The World's Most Ripped Fitness Model" Obi Obadike and find out what it take to be the world's top Fitness Model.
By Peter Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 04:41 PM
In only two and half years Obi Obadike has done more than most will in their entire life’s in the fitness industry. He landed the biggest supplement contract ever for a fitness model with Muscle-Pharm, won the biggest fitness model title in 2010 with the WBFF and he has been the most published male fitness model internationally since 2009.Many of the top fitness organizations in the fitness industry such as the WBFF, Muscle-Pharm, Australian Natural Bodz and U.S. Natural Bodz, etc have been quoted to say that he is the number one fitness model in the world right now currently from a global exposure perspective and from the impact he has made in the industry globally.

He is currently a fitness expert columnist for an unprecedented 12 fitness magazines with magazines all over the globe which is presently more than any fitness personality in the world.

With all of these fitness accolades you would assume he is a very one dimensional individual but he happens to be one of the most educated people in the industry. He has two bachelors, a Masters degree and his last two degrees he finished in an unusual accelerated rate of 3 and half years and attained Cum Laude Honors in those degrees. 

As you can imagine when we were offered the opportunity to have a chat with Obi we did not have to think twice and we jumped at the chance to sit down with “The World’s Most Ripped Fitness Model” as he is known, to ask him the questions that we know will also help you get a better body soon!

One word to describe yourself?


How did you get into fitness/bodybuilding?

I’ve been a fan of the fitness industry and bodybuilding industry but never knew what I could do to break in. I emailed Clark Bartram and he helped me get my first cover and gave me some tips on how to succeed in the fitness industry. He has told me you don’t need to always have to mention me in interviews but I have to because he didn’t have to help me and I will always give him his proper credit and due for helping me when I needed it and at a time when nobody knew who I was. I have to always acknowledge individuals that were influential in my career. If I don’t I believe it is disrespectful and a disservice to those people.  From that cover I started studying social networking marketing and just basic marketing on how I could take my career to another level. I studied tape of all those most successful athletes from an endorsement perspective and all of them were marketing geniuses. Some of their marketing methods were too much for taste but I learned that they did things a little outside the box to attract attention.

I learned that the best person to promote me is me and I just started being very aggressive in my marketing approach particularly via face-book and it has allowed me to land opportunities in this fitness industry that I never ever thought was even possible. If somebody would have told me in 2 and half years I would be where I am in this fitness industry I would have told them you are nuts and I wouldn’t have believed it myself.  



What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

The two biggest accomplishments that I’ve landed in this fitness field are landing the biggest supplement contract ever for a fitness model in the fitness industry. I am sure people are saying why does he keep mentioning his contract in interviews. Why do I say this in interviews and why is the amount of money mentioned? The answer is this:  I want this contract to motivate as many people as I can that if you work hard you can land these types of contracts. I committed myself for 2 years working my tail off and not taking any real breaks with the hopes that I could land this big contract. I don’t know if anybody will believe this I envisioned me landing a six figure contract in 2010 and it was on my 2010 goal list which I still have.  To be an African-American fitness model in this industry with only 2 and half years in the industry and to land a well over six figure contract is a testament to any aspiring fitness model in the fitness industry that it can happen to them.

The 2 year template modestly speaking has been set and it can happen to you because it happened to me and I am no better than any fitness model out there. The only difference between me and some of the others is I never stopped working at this fitness game and I really figured out the marketing game and I applied it often as I could. There was a reason why I did some of things I did marketing wise. I am telling every young male or female that has aspirations of wanting to be successful in this industry I say that you too can land a six figure contract in 2 years in the fitness industry if you do all the right things business wise and you never stop working. You figure out your strengths and you brand those strengths like I did and you stay consistent with your branding.  I’ve had so many people question everything I’ve done marketing wise that it is too aggressive and it is too cocky. I had to shut off the noise and stayed consistent with what I thought was best for my career.

And I can say this right now if I listened to some of those people that were questioning my marketing methods on what I was doing I never would have landed this contract nor would I have attained the success I’ve had and I know that for a certainty. This is the social networking age and if you don’t understand it and know how to apply it then you will lose out on so many opportunities business wise in this fitness game. One of my homeboys and top fitness model and WBFF Pro Micah LaCerte built a six figure business by being the best social networking guru I know and he is the smartest fitness model I know from a business perspective. He was doing the social networking thing before any of us fitness models on my-space with his Hitch-Fit business and I remember so many people hating on him. And nobody knew that what he was doing was simple social networking marketing 101 and now everybody says he is a marketing genius now. Its funny how that happens once you attain success the perception on you changes and people realize this person is pretty smart and really knows marketingJ. He has one of the most successful online training businesses in the world and one of the most successful one on one personal-training businesses in Kansas City.

He used the success as a fitness model to build his business to where it is now which is very inspiring to me because I respect that I developed a brand and stuck with it. I have a lot of respect for Micah LaCerte and he is a brilliant educated fitness professional. The second biggest accomplishment was finally winning the 2010 WBFF Pro Male Fitness Model World title. In 2008 WBFF World’s I missed my flight and missed the pre-judging show but showed up for the evening show but didn’t get judged because I missed the pre-judging round. I was in such great shape that year and I honestly believe in my heart I would have won the 2008 WBFF world title.

In fact one of the judges that year told a reliable source that if I wouldn’t have missed the prejudging based on what I saw of him in the evening round I believe he would won the title. I will never know if that would have been true but it wasn’t meant to be in 2008. In 2009 I came in second which was the closest margin in the history of the organization between 1st and 2nd where I had exact same point total as the 2009 WBFF World Champion winner Rob Riches. Unfortunately I didn’t get that tiebreaker nod that year and then finally in 2010 I win the WBFF Pro Male Fitness Model World title in a landslide victory.

I was always in that striking distance for that title and inevitably I knew it was going to happen but man it wasn’t easy for me at all. I never gave up even though at times I felt like I giving up. I am excited to defend my WBFF World title on Aug 27th and I want to stay the WBFF champion as long as I physically can. I will work as hard as I can to try to be the best ambassador the WBFF organization has ever had. I am very proud to be a Muscle-Pharm athlete and to be the WBFF champion because I know for a fact it is the biggest fitness model title in the world. If you want to compete in the best organization in the fitness world then sign up with the WBFF and please go to the http://www.wbffshows.com/ and if you are interested in purchasing some of the best supplement products in the world then go to http://www.musclepharm.com/  Great products for fitness enthusiasts.


What is your eating plan like?

My daily eating plan consists of vegetables, chicken, turkey, oatmeal, whey protein, brown rice, broiled shrimp, etc. The foods that I eat normally are very redundant to be quite honest with you.

What food can’t you go without?

I know people are going to kill me with jokes right now but I can’t live without chicken. I can eat that everyday and never get tired of it. There you go to all the people that want to make fun of me with the black jokes…LMAO!

What are your workouts like?

My workouts are very explosive and it geared towards training like a sprinter. My anaerobic training is all about circuit-training and super-setting. I am always constantly moving when I am weight-training training and I am never stopping which allows me to burn a high amount of calories and stay ripped all year round. I honestly probably don’t have to do cardio because of how I weight-train but I still do my cardio which consists of sprints and I do 3 mile runs at a 7:30 to 8:00 minute mile pace. I do sprints one to two times a week and I perform my 3 miles runs about two to three times a week.

Your own Physical feature you are most proud of?

It would probably be my back because I never thought I had a great back up until some photos that were shot of me by Art Brewer, Ralph Dehaan and Jason Ellis in 2010. I guess you train so hard for so many years and I am just not that guy looking at the mirror at my body-parts to see if they are growing. So when I finally got photos of my back in 2010 I was like WOW! I sweat to you it shocked and I didn’t believe that was me and to let everybody know those back shots are unedited.  I didn’t even know that I had a back like that or it was that detailed. It makes me feel good because I know how hard I train my back and how long I’ve trained it for so many years.  I am kind of known as the abs guy in this industry so now to be known as the back guy too is pretty funny and cool at the same timeJ

What keeps you motivated to stay in shape?

One of the things that keep me motivated to stay in shape is that I have so many people all over the world that look up to me for inspiration so I feel empowered just for them to stay in the best shape possible and I embrace that totally. Before I got in this industry it was just for vanity purposes and just being healthy but now I feel it is for so many fans that look up to me and gain inspiration by me just being fit.

What is a typical daily routine for you?

The first thing I do is I get up grab a cup of coffee and check email right away. From there I try to respond to all my emails and then I am either writing to articles or conversing with business partners or sponsors. After all my business phones calls and emails I will go to the gym and train. After that I will train some online clients and one-one clients for a couple of hours. So basically my daily routine is quite boring to anybody that is interested in knowing what I do on an average day.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

Because I’ve been training for so many years that sometimes going into the gym every day can get very boring and redundant for me so I have to do certain motivational things to myself to re-energize and re-motivate me to enjoy going into to the gym. This happens to so many people that have been working out for so many years. It is like to going to the same job every day for the last 15 years it can get old very quickly even if the result from it is very gratifying.

Famous fitness icon/bodybuilder you would most like to have coffee/protein shake with?

It would be Arnold Schwarzenegger and I would like to ask him how was he able to be so successful in everything he did. For crying out loud people are still putting him on covers and he has been long gone from the industry as a bodybuilder.

Obi’s Video

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Top 3 tips for people who want to get in shape?

First tip: Diet is 80 percent of the battle in getting in great shape. If your diet isn’t on point it is very hard for your body to be look like a million dollars unless you have sick genetics.

Second Tip:  Be consistent in your training. Don’t train from January to March and then say to yourself I am going take a break until the next New Years. Make it a lifestyle for yourself!

Third Tip:  Be patient! You are not going to build a cover model body overnight.

What is the biggest fitness (weight loss, work out, diet) myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

The biggest myth is people think you are born with the body you have. And it is not true and I believe you can transform your body to whatever you desire if you are willing to put in the work. Some people have to work harder than others but you can acquire the body you desire if you do all the right things. Age is not a crutch in attaining your ultimate fitness goals.

Your favorite ab exercise?

I would say old-fashion sit-ups as I always like I can feel the exercise in my abs when I perform it a certain way.

Any final words of wisdom?

If you believe in your self and you work hard you can accomplish just about anything in this life. Nothing will ever be given to you in this life you have to chase it and take it. If you want to contact me for any fitness tips, read any of my fitness articles or interested in an online personal-training session you can contact me at www.obiobadike.com  Stay Healthy everybody!

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