The Single Most Effective Goal Setting Technique For Weight Loss

If you want to reach your goals and stay motivated this is the single best goal setting technique you can do!
By Peter Sunday, August 24, 2014, 08:13 PM

Whether you’re someone who’s just starting into a workout program or you’re a seasoned veteran ready to take things up a notch and attain a new level of fitness, goal setting is important.

But you know that, and that’s why you’ve set at least two long term goals that you want to strive to accomplish. You’re motivated, you’re feeling great, and you think you’re ready.

Not so fast.

The fact is, setting those long term goals is not enough. The drop out rate when it comes to workouts and diets is astronomical, but yet, most of those people did have their long term goals as well.

So if you want to protect yourself from being another statistic, you need to do more.

The single best goal setting technique you can do is setting short term or daily goals.

That’s right, daily. Seem like a lot of work? It really isn’t.

Let me show you why this form of goal setting is so powerful and how you can do it simply, quickly and effectively.

What Daily Goals Are

Daily goals are, as the name suggestions, goals that are set on a daily basis. You want these goals to still be in alignment with your long term goal, meaning that if you accomplish them, you are one step closer to reaching that long term goal you’ve set for yourself.

So let’s say, for instance, that your long term goal was to lose 20 pounds. A daily goal could be to eat at least 5 servings of vegetables that day. Since doing so is going to help you maintain a lower calorie intake, that will help you push forward to losing the weight.

Or, maybe your long term goal is to bench press 150 pounds. You might set a daily goal to perform one more rep in each set you do for that day’s chest workout.

These daily goals should be something that you accomplish with just a small amount of effort as long as you put your mind to it and stay committed. They should be relatively easy.

But don’t feel guilty about setting an easy goal – that’s the point of this.

Here’s why.

The Power Of Daily Goals

The reason you want to be setting these easy-to-accomplish daily goals is three-fold.

First, it’ll help keep you focused. If you have no goal in sight for that day’s workout and you know that in 8 weeks, you want to lose 5 pounds, how motivated do you think you are for that workout?

Is it really going to matter if you skip it?

In truth, it likely isn’t. One workout out of the 30-40 that you do over the next 8 weeks isn’t likely going to make that big of a difference. Thus, it’s easy for you to rationalize not doing it.

But, rationalize not doing 3 or 4 of those workouts and now you are going to start to see some influence.

Having those daily goals gives each workout and each diet day a new purpose. Something that you can only accomplish today. It’s a great technique to keep you from putting things off longer and longer.

Second, these daily goals also help to boost your self-confidence. Each time you accomplish a goal, you’re going to get a good feeling of satisfaction. You’ve just set your mind to something and done it. Anyone would be quite proud of this fact.

By setting up these daily goals, with each one you achieve, you become that much more motivated in your ability to go ahead and accomplish that long term goal you’ve set.

Since many people suffer from high levels of self-doubt and this can be in fact what entirely deters their motivational level, having these daily goals and the boost you’ll receive is highly beneficial.

Finally, the last reason to set these daily goals is because it breaks down that long term goal into smaller steps. This can help with planning purposes as far as your workout and diet goes.

You may need to change your workout and diet multiple times before you reach that long term goal, so having daily as well as shorter term goals helps you do so and stay focused.

Often it’s hard to see long-term progress. When all you have is that long term goal in mind, it can slip you by and you may feel like you aren’t making any progress at all.

But, if you’re tracking on a shorter term basis, this is far from the case. You’ll see yourself moving forward with each week that passes by, keeping you satisfied with your efforts and motivated to continue.

Setting Your Daily Goals

So how will you go about using this technique so that it helped you to stay motivated rather than take up more time that none of us have in the first place?

What I would highly recommend doing is taking some time each morning to think about these daily goals you want to set. While lying in bed waking up, think about one thing that you feel like striving toward that day in order to move you forward.

By doing this the day of rather than pre-planning these goals, they can better reflect your mood and what you want to do that day.

Since they aren’t all that structured like long term goals are, as long as they’re applicable to what goal you eventually have to reach, they’re set up properly.

Try and vary the daily goals you set between the three key elements of your approach: fitness/workouts, nutrition, as well as lifestyle factors so that you are attacking your success from all angles.

Remember that it’s not enough to just hit the gym or just eat right, you need to be focusing on all things correctly 24/7 in order to really push forward and build that body you have your sights set on. That is why you will find all our program like the 6WeekSixPack or BRX25 incorporates a Workout, Diet and Motivation System that was designed to work together as one full program and so get the you the best possible results in the shorted time.

So don’t neglect the power of daily goals. Few people use them but if you do, you’ll have a strong edge on performance and your success.

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