The 3 Worse Ab Workout Mistakes that is Costing you Your 6 Pack

If you can't see you 6 pack yet and you feel that you have your diet under control it could be because you are making one of these ab workout mistakes.
By Peter Tuesday, November 6, 2012, 10:17 PM

The biggest reason most people don’t have 6 pack abs yet is due to the fact that their body fat % is just not low enough yet. This can obviously easily be correctly with a good and powerful fat burning diet. But if you feel like you have that part of getting 6 pack abs under control and you are still not seeing those abs pop as much as you would like it might be because your abs are just not developed enough.

Unfortunately I still see a lot of people who struggle to get well developed abs due to the fact that they are making one ( or all ) of the 3 major ab workout mistakes below and if you are one of them, you better start making some changes ASAP if you want 6 pack abs anytime soon.

Using the Wrong Rep Range

Although the muscle fibres in your abdominal area is a little more geared towards endurance then flat out force and power, they still need to be trained in the same way as any other muscle if you are looking for muscle hypertrophy ( increasing your muscle size ). So that means that the 100’s of crunches you do each day is not really going to cut it. Sure it will give your abdominal muscles even more endurance but it won’t help in getting them any bigger and making them pop.

So it is time to add some weight to your ab exercises and bring that rep range down to 10 or 12. Adding weight or resistance can be done in any form and shape, from holding a dumbbell between your feet while doing leg raises to using the cable machine and doing weighted crunches. You can even use exercise bands or gravity if you are training at home. ( Check out this workout video for a weighted home ab workout using bands ).

Not Training Your Full Abdominal Wall

Most newbies almost always seem to be training their upper ab way more than any other part of their abdominal wall. The main reason for this is because the most popular exercises are normally upper ab exercises like the crunch. But unless you start working on all 3 of  your major abdominal areas, upper, lower and side, all you are ever going to end up with is a great looking 4 pack.

So make sure you train all areas of your abdominal wall each week and if you want to make sure you get the best possible development for each area you could even focus on just one area per workout. So train your upper abs on Monday, Lower abs on Tuesday and Side abs on Wednesday and then start all over again with your upper abs on Thursday which would have had enough rest by now. If you are however someone who likes to train their full abdominal area in one go just pick the same amount of exercises for you upper, lower and side abs and get to work.

Not Giving Your Abs Enough Rest

Like I said earlier, sure your abdominal muscles might be geared a little more towards endurance but when you hit them hard following the instructions above, they are going to need almost the same amount of recovery time as any other muscle. Not only that, it is during this recover phase when you will get the most development as the muscle repair itself and so get stronger and bigger.

So if you are still training your abs every day, or shall I say, if you are capable of training you abs every day then you are either not hitting them hard enough or you are over training them and not allowing them to recover and develop properly. I know that when I hammer my abs, I can almost not touch them the following day, they are in that much pain and it can take up to 48 hours before they feel recovered enough to train again.

So there you go, if you are making any of these mistakes it could be the reason why you have not seen any real development of your abdominal muscles. Luckily you can correct these mistakes easily and quickly starting with you very next ab workout. Also don’t forget that if you want to build your abs you must also eat right and add some extra calories to provide the building blocks for the new muscle you want to add to your midsection.