The Supplements I used to Get 6 Pack Abs

These are the only supplements that I used during my 6WeekSixPack Quest to get ripped in just 6 weeks!
By Peter Sunday, February 26, 2012, 11:06 PM

Welcome to the first video in a series of 4 in which I am going to reveal some of the most powerful secrets that helped me get 6 pack abs fast. Click Here to see the other videos

In this video I talk about all the supplements and pills I used to get 6 pack abs over the last six weeks. There might be a few surprises as I don’t use the normal stuff out there but the fact is that what I do us, gets me results fast and that is why you should take note and make sure you spend your money on the stuff that does work and not on any of the rubbish out there that promises the world but never delivers.