How to Make your own Fat Burners at home

Learn how to create your own fat burners at home using the same potent ingredients that you will find in most fat burners on the shelves.
By Peter Monday, August 22, 2011, 05:54 PM

I get a lot of questions on fat burners, diet pills, appetite suppressants; should we use them or not and how effective are they?  Personally I do not take any fat burners, diet pills or appetite suppressants because I prefer to stay focused on making sure my diet is 100% spot on and then I combine that with powerful workouts to get pretty much all the results I want.

BUT the truth is that we can all do with a little help to burn some extra calories and so get results faster and there is nothing wrong with that. Where the problem does come in is that many of the companies promote their products to be the ANSWER to all your fat loss prayers and that you don’t have to do anything else other then take their products and that is completely wrong. The other thing is that these products can be super expensive and most of the time completely useless.

So today I am going to share with you the fat burning system that I use that uses the same potent ingredients that you will find in most fat burners on the shelves. With my system though you don’t have to go break the bank, worry about negative side effects and if used correctly it will without a doubt provide you with better results.

Let’s start by looking at the ingredients that you will use for this fat burning system.

Warning: Make sure you are tolerant to all these ingredients and be sure you check with a medical professional before you start using any of them.


Ingredient 1: Green tea

Ingredient 2: Coffee/ Coffee beans

Ingredient 3: Chilies, chili flakes, cayenne pepper

Ingredient 4: Cinnamon (Is not a fat burner but helps to regulate your blood sugar and stabilize your insulin level which helps with fat loss)


Watch the video to see all of the ingredients and how to use the system:

Now if you were to mix all the ingredients we just mentioned together you will probably not have a very pleasant experience, not to mention it will taste extremely bad!

So I have created a system where I incorporate each of the ingredients above into my daily diet and eating routine to help me burn fat all day long.

The System

Let’s start with coffee.  The way to use coffee or caffeine is to drink it half an hour before your workouts. Do not add any milk or sugar – we just want the caffeine. You can even combine this with your protein shake.  You can also use this first thing in the morning. Drink this half an hour before any workout to give you energy so that you can push harder and burn more fat during the workout.

Green tea is used as afternoon drink, to refresh you and prevent yourself from having an unhealthy snack.  You can drink the tea with lunch or between lunch and dinner with your 4th meal.  This will help keep you in your fat burning zone well into the evening yet not over stimulate you to such an extent that you can’t go to sleep at night. It is also a nice healthy alternative to other high calorie fizzy drinks.

Chilies, chili flakes, cayenne pepper are found in most fat burners as they are proven to help you by increasing your metabolic rate.  I like to spice my food with these ingredients.  You can mix the chili flakes with olive oil and pour it over your chicken or fish to give it a nice taste while having the secondary effect of an increased metabolism.  You can do the same with the cayenne pepper and the whole fresh chilies.  I like to put Cayenne pepper on chicken or beef and chili flakes on my fish.  Use any of these three to season your meat and turn any meal into a fat burning meal.

The final ingredient is Cinnamon, which regulates your blood sugar and insulin levels and this helps keep your body in a fat burning state. Cinnamon tastes great, and I like to mix it in with my protein shake particularly a vanilla or strawberry flavored shake, or sprinkle it over my oatmeal in the morning or even on my pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

This is the complete fat burning system I use on a daily basis to burn a few more calories and so get results faster.

The nice thing about this system is that you are using all natural ingredients without the side effects of the products you buy in the stores and your results will also be better!