Lose Belly Fat Fast, Advanced Workout Routine

If you are tired of having extra belly fat and you want to get rid of ONCE AND FOR ALL, then today's advanced Lose your Belly Fat workout is for you!
By Peter Monday, March 28, 2011, 06:12 PM


Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend! Today I have one of the best full body, fat burning home workouts I have ever created. It hits your whole body with 6 functional/combo exercises that brings all your muscles into play with the unique Tabata type workout structure. You will have to get used to some of these exercises and don’t feel bad if you can’t do them all in the first go as many of them are advanced exercises. But try your best and make sure you improve with each workout.

If you are tired of that belly fat then this workout combined with a good diet is going to help you get rid of the fat very quickly! 

Let’s look at the workout structure and all the exercises.

Workout Structure

  • You have 6 exercises
  • Do each exercise 4 x ( 20sec Active/10sec Rest )
  • Do all 4 sets of one exercise before you move on to the next one
  • Rest 60sec after each exercise
  • Beginner can do the full circuit once and advanced users can use it 2 to 3 times



Dumbbell Bent Over Row + Straight Leg Deadlift

Start by standing upright with the Dumbbells next to your sides. Keep your legs straight and bend over. As you get closer to the floor start bending your legs slightly. Now do a bent over row before returning to the start position. 

Ball Push,Squat & Press

Sart with the medicine ball above your head. Bring it down and get nice and low, almost into a squat position. Now move forward and place the ball infront of you as far as you can. Do a push-up on the ball and move back. Stay low for the first part before you squat back up.

Squat & Lateral Raises 

Start in a squat position with dumbbells next to your sides. As you push up you also bring the dumbbells out to side and do a lateral raise. Repeat the movement in a nice rythmn.

Lunge + Bicep Curl

Start with dumbbells next to your sides and you do a normal foward lunge. As you come back up also bring up the dumbbells and do a hummer curl. Now swtich legs and repeat the same movement.

Lunge + Tricep Push

Start with one dumbbell and hold it behind your head. Then do a normal foward lunge and as you do also push the dumbbell straight into the air to do a triceps extention. Come back up and redo the exercise with the other leg. Alternate legs for the full 20 seconds.

Lunge with Medicine Ball Rotation

Start with a mdecine ball in front of you. Step forward and do a lunge. As you do the lunge turn your body to the side and move the medecine ball next to you. Now move back and repeat to the other side.