Insane 6 Pack Abs Home Workout, Get Ripped Fast!

Don’t have a lot of time but still want to do a great workout that will help you get ripped and burn fat? Then this one is for you!
By Peter Thursday, April 7, 2011, 07:49 PM

Hi Everyone!

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I hope you are having a great week and that your workouts are going well!

Now we all know how you can quickly we can run out of time in a day and normally the first thing that gets dropped from the schedule is your workout. But today I have a very powerful and short solution for you.

I call it my Insane 6 Pack Abs Workout. It can take as little as 14 minutes but it will seriously sky rocked your metabolism and help you burn a good amount of fat during that time.

With 4 exercises that are explosive and that utilizes as many muscles as possible this workout was designed to help you burn as many calories as you possibly can in a very short time and for you to get a great workout even if you don’t have the time.

This is advanced so make sure you are ready for it and have done a short warm-up.

Workout Structure

  • You have 4 exercises
  • Do each exercise for  2 x (20sec Active / 10sec Rest )
  • Move straight onto next exercise
  • Complete all 4 exercises and rest 60 seconds
  • Repeat circuit 3 to 4 times



Jump Squats

Jumps squats were added first because it will seriously get your heart rate going and kick start this workout in the best possible way. Start in a normal squat position. Then swing your arms and explode upwards. Don’t feel that you have to jump as high as possible. As long as your feet comes of the ground and you keep a good rhythm this exercise will work perfectly!

Clap ( Plyometric ) Push-Up

This is another exercise that you will have to get use to if you have never done before as it can be very hard. Start in a normal push-up position. Then push as hard and fast as you can and try and clap your hands together before going back into a push-up position. Keep a good rhythm. This is not one of those lets done ONE and then rest for 20 seconds type exercise : ).  If you are not able to do this exercise then just do quick push-ups without doing the clap.

Dumbbell Snatch

Dumbbell Snatch is another one of those exercises that brings a lot of muscle into play. Hold two dumbbells in a normal deadlift position. Now explode upwards and bring the dumbbell sto your shoulders . Slowly take them back down and repeat. When you explode upwards try to go onto your toes.

Medicine Ball Drop Off Crunch

I love this exercise as it workouts your full abdominal area and adds some weight yet it can be done at a good pace. Start with the medicine ball in your hands behind your head. Lift your feet of the ground so that your shins are parallel with the floor. Crunch up and place the ball on your shins. Now go back down and crunch back up this time round grabbing the ball again. Go back down and come back up and drop the ball off again. Keep good form but also a nice steady pace.

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