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Our Toughest Home Chest Workout Ever !

In this video home fitness expert Peter Carvell shows you one of the Toughest Home Chest Workout Ever! Most people won’t complete this chest workout the first few times they try it.

So if you are looking to build your pecs at home without any equipment other than your own bodyweight then you will want to start doing this extreme home push-up chest workout ASAP!


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  1. wez
    March 7, 2013
    1:50 pm

    i super duper love this structure~~!!! it makes pretty simple workout challenging, a great way to pump the size~! thanks n looking forward to forearm & side abs~~

  2. Kirky
    March 17, 2013
    11:52 am

    Thanks for this man, great workout!

  3. Darkie
    March 21, 2013
    10:55 pm

    43yo and I managed to finish 9. A lot harder than I figured!

  4. Riley
    March 29, 2013
    11:56 am

    Got to 8 on my first go! Will keep at it daily and report back on how I’m doing!

  5. Jesse
    April 4, 2013
    1:36 pm


  6. ramvj
    April 11, 2013
    10:53 am

    i do 12 on my first try 😛

  7. Moustafa Awad
    April 11, 2013
    8:08 pm

    really appreciate these workouts , already 5th day and feeling the change

  8. cale
    April 29, 2013
    2:34 pm

    Lol, I rarely ever exercise or do weights, I struggled to do 5.

  9. admin
    June 16, 2013
    9:42 am

    Time to start Cale! Good try though 🙂

  10. danish
    May 1, 2013
    9:29 am

    Thx mate try it right now

  11. admin
    May 22, 2013
    1:48 pm

    @ Danish let us know how you did!

  12. SB
    May 11, 2013
    5:27 am

    this is great stuff …couldnt do more than 7 on first go!! Waitin for somethin lik this for abs

  13. admin
    May 22, 2013
    1:31 pm

    @ SB – well done, its a killer!

  14. John
    May 12, 2013
    9:51 pm

    Should this be done straight without rest, and how many times a week?? Thank you, great challenging workout! cant wait!

  15. admin
    May 22, 2013
    1:24 pm

    @ John – twice per week, yes without rest!

  16. richard
    June 7, 2013
    10:46 pm

    nice,im excited how far am i gonna go the first time.i always thought how can i make my push ups intense.thanks

  17. admin
    June 8, 2013
    6:51 pm

    @ enjoy Richard

  18. pasan
    June 13, 2013
    8:20 am

    this is great many sets do per day? .please help me sir.

  19. admin
    June 13, 2013
    3:13 pm

    @ pasan – challenge yourself and see how far up the ladder you can go!

  20. John
    July 12, 2013
    2:10 pm

    Hi peter. Can this structure could be used in different exercises like pull-ups and squats or even with weighted exercises?

  21. admin
    July 17, 2013
    7:55 am

    Yes you can!

  22. jijen
    July 18, 2013
    4:41 am

    my name is jijen and i am 14.if i do the exercises for gain sixpack and a good chest, if there any problem when i do that……….

  23. admin
    July 21, 2013
    8:15 am

    go ahead if you are injury free

  24. robin
    July 19, 2013
    2:08 pm

    hi petar can you send me full chest workouts

  25. admin
    July 19, 2013
    5:34 pm

    Look on our website under workouts!

  26. Aldo
    September 13, 2013
    3:14 pm

    Peter, which is the correct arm movent during a pushup, near your body or opened wide?

    Thanks for this awsome workout!!!

  27. admin
    September 28, 2013
    6:13 am

    Hi Aldo, great question! For chest keep it wide, but when you want to work your triceps then place your elbows close to your body!

  28. torsam
    October 22, 2013
    2:04 pm

    if i am on a weight training day would this be the only workout tht ill do for the day ? or should i combine this with something?

  29. Trebor
    February 15, 2015
    2:56 pm

    So I just finished prep week and ready to start my brx25 workout now the website is gone. What’s goin on with it

  30. admin
    February 21, 2015
    12:15 am

    Hi Trebor, if you already member you should be abel to log in but our next challenge will be the 6WeekSixPack Challenge which you can find at :

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