Front & Lateral Raise Combo : Shoulder Exercises

The Front & Lateral Raise Combo is a great finisher exercise to make sure yoru shoulders got a great workout!
By Peter Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 09:21 PM

Exercise Name:  Front & Lateral Raise Combo

Area Worked:  Front and Side Shoulder

Muscles:  Anterior Deltoid & Lateral Deltoid

Description / Instruction:

The Front & Lateral Raise Combo is a combination of a front raise and a side raise.  Stand on a long exercise band holding the ends in each hand.  Raise both arms up to the front so that they are level with your shoulders.  Pause and lower slowly down to your thighs.  Immediately raise both arms out to the sides level with the shoulders and lower slowly back down.  Keep alternating between the front and side raise.  The Front & Lateral Raise Combo develops the anterior and lateral deltoid muscles. 

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