These 4 “Health” Foods Are Secretly Destroying Your 6 Pack

Don’t be fooled by these so called healthy foods. They might just be the reason you don’t have a 6 pack yet!
By Peter Monday, April 2, 2012, 08:11 PM

I have seen this over and over during my 13 years in the fitness industry. People are training their butts off and are on a strict diet yet they just don’t get the results or the 6 pack they were hoping for. They are following all the right advice and are 100% focused but they seem to have hit a plateau that they just can’t get over. UNTIL you start looking at their diet in a little more detail and soon realize that they have been sabotaging their own results by eating or drinking at least one of the foods below, sometimes all four.

Now before I get started let me just make one thing very clear. When I say these foods are not good for you, I am talking to those people whose goal is to lose weight and getting ripped. If your goal is to add some muscle or even to improve your performance as an athlete then some of the foods below can in fact be very good for you in helping you achieve your goals.

BUT if you want 6 pack abs, get rid of these 4 foods from your diet right now!

Energy Drinks

I know I should not laugh about this but the reason I do whenever I see someone make this mistake is because I did it myself! I remember starting my big weight loss quest many years ago and there I was sitting on the spinning bike cycling like crazy and thinking, MAN I am gonna be ripped soon. 3 Months later I had not lost much weight and was wondering what the heck I was doing wrong. At this stage I also got into the habit of reading all the labels of the foods I was eating and one day as I was sitting there in the spinning class and I looked down at my energy drink’s label I realized why I had not been getting any results! I was pretty much drinking as many calories during my spinning classes as I was burning.

See, those energy drinks are made to help people continue to perform their sport at the highest level. That means they need instant energy during their training or actual competition and so an energy drink is pretty much water filled with sugar and calories! Two things you want to stay FAR FAR away from if you goal is weight loss, especially during workouts. So from now on, cut the energy drinks and start drinking good old plain water. If your diet is good then you will have all the energy you need to perform your workouts at a level high enough to help you burn a serious amount of calories and so lose fat quickly.

Health Bars

This is another one of those foods that I see so many people eat while on a diet because it is GOOD for you right, well not always. In fact I have seen on more than one occasion where so called health or protein bars were no better than ordinary chocolate bars. The main problem is that as the world becomes more health conscious the big companies also realized that there is money to be made in the HEALH related food niche. But as their main concern is not really your health but rather to line their own pockets they will just take one of their normal unhealthy products, sprinkle some nuts on it and all of a sudden call it a health bar. This has led the market to be saturated with a lot of rubbish snacks out there labeled as HEALTH BARS.

But on top of that most health bars and even protein bars contains a lot of trans fats,  simple carbs and sugars and many other things to make it taste half good. Make sure you also don’t get fooled by words like “CONTAINS fruit” because a lot of the fruit that is contained in these so-called health bars are dried fruit that has long since been stripped of all their goodness and is now no more than just pure sugar.

So try and stay away from health or protein bars and don’t use them as snacks or even worse, meal replacements as many of them are calorie bombs and not good or healthy for you at all, especially not if you want to get 6 pack abs anytime soon!

Read more about protein bars and how to find good ones in this article: 


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but eat the wrong stuff and it is also the meal that can actually be responsible for you not getting any results. Now I won’t talk much about the normal old cereals as by now I assume many of you know they are rubbish. We all grew up with them but they are about as nutritious as something out of Cake Boss. I mean ask yourself this. How processed is that little corn flake that it has so little nutritional value left that they have to ADD vitamins and minerals back into it just so that they have something to advertise on the covers of the box! But like I said,  you know they are not the best thing to eat by now. What you might not know is that the so called healthy alternative IS NOT MUCH BETTER! For those that don’t know, I am talking about muesli in here.

Now there are some good ones out there but most varieties are full of the same dried fruits ( So sugar ) I just spoke about above and lots of fats, even seriously bad fats like trans fats in some. So remember that muesli does not equal HEALTHY breakfast automatically and if you are not careful, that bowl of goodness can actually be reason you still don’t have a 6 pack.

Dried fruits

OMG, the way they are allowed to advertise this stuff as healthy is just flat out illegal. Not just to adults but specifically to children. I suppose it is better than them snacking on another Bic Mac but not by much. Most of these dried fruits, whether they come in blocks, rolls or anything else, are just plain sugar. Not just the fruit’s own sugar but also added sugar. And then the portion sizes can be huge and you can easily over eat due to the fact that a lot of the fiber was lost in the process of creating these fruit snacks. I looked at one such a snack yesterday and it had the same calories as 10 apples! Now I know for a fact you won’t eat 10 apples in a row and I also know for a fact that you will get more nutritional value out of eating just one apple than this whole fruit snack I saw yesterday. So keep clear of these so called healthy fruit snacks, they are just candy disguised as fruits!

Ok so there you go! Try and avoid these foods and I promise you, you will start getting much better results. And like I said, I am not knocking all these foods; some can be very good for you if your goal is NOT weight loss. But as you can see many of the foods above are based on pure simple carbs, more commonly known as sugar and if you still don’t know, SUGAR is the no: 1 reason most people are overweight and in fact ill. Sugar causes serious damage to your body in more ways than just what you see on the scale. So try and stick to eating things that are fresh, unprocessed and natural. Rather than eating fruit snacks, just eat fruit. Rather than drinking an energy drink, just drink water. Not only will you start getting much better results, but you will also be much healthier!