Fitness Model Micah LaCerte Talks With

Fitness Model Micah Lacerte talks with and reveals what it takes to get a dream body just like his!
By Peter Thursday, October 7, 2010, 01:57 PM
He is a Fitness Model, Life Coach and Published Author. He has been featured in magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Status, Exercise & Health, Men’s Workout and Exercise for me ( 50 in total ), even gracing the front cover of some of them.

What really sets Micah LaCerte apart from everyone else though is his determination to help other people succeed “I love being in the magazines and competing but there is no better feeling than helping someone look and feel great again”

Micah is also out there actively competing, walking the talk so to speak, and in 2010 he finished in the top 5 of the WBFF World Championships for Male Fitness Models ( this was just a few weeks ago!).

With a pedigree like the one above, a body that we all dream of and with the experience and knowledge to back it all up, we could not wait to sit down with Micah and find out how he achieved all of this and maybe see if we can get a little deeper into this Fitness Model’s bag of tricks and find out how we can also get closer to our dream body.

One word to describe yourself?


How did you get into fitness/bodybuilding?

Growing up I was always very skinny, I didn’t work out at all until the age of 19, when I got to college my goal was to get my body like ones that I saw on the covers of fitness magazines, never in a million years did I ever think that a 5 years later I would be.  Fitness has changed my life forever !!!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

Publication wise I have landed the covers of Muscle and Body , Mens Workout, Physique and featured in Muscle and Fitness multiple times, Im a writer for Status Fitness Magazine and a Wbff Pro Fitness Model.  Hitch Fit has been my biggest accomplishment though. Over 2 years ago I started Hitch Fit which is an online personal training system and is now rated #1 in the world, we are in 38 countries and have over 350 clients.  I also opened my 1 on 1 training studio in Kansas City which got rated best Personal Training gym in Kansas city, we are soon going Global.

What is your eating plan like?

I consume 7-8 meals per day keep my calorie range around 3000-4000 daily during cutting and 5000+ during bulking.  When Im dieting I stick with oats, lean meats, whey isolate, my special protein pancakes, veggies, sweet potato and brown rice.  During bulk I eat about everything but still keep my sugar lows.

What food can’t you go without?

On a daily basis it would have to be protein shakes, but my favorite food is Pizza. If you train hard you deserve it from time to time.

Your own Physical feature you are most proud of?

I have been told I have the best legs in the business for a fitness model.  I was not born with great legs they were actually very skinny growing up.  Out of all my muscle groups my calves are my favorite and also the group I spent the most time developing.  I started doing calf raises when I was 15 years old because I wanted to jump higher.  Im so thankful I wanted to fly like Michael Jordan and spent all those hours doing millions of calf raises, haha.

What are your workouts like?

I start my day around 5am with a light 30-45 minute jog and 15 minutes of core exercises.  I end up training clients till about 1pm then have my second workout of the day which will include whatever muscle group I train for the day.  I train heavy and very high intensity mixed with plyos and styles such as tabata intervals.  I then go back to train clients till about 7pm followed by a second cardio session mixed with sprints and plyos.  This is a typical day for me while getting prepped for a shoot or competition.  When Im in bulk stage I cut my cardio out and focus on heavy lifting and more rest between sets

What is a typical daily routine for you?

My days are slammed packed, running 2 businesses over 350 clients worldwide and keeping myself in shape is like working 3 full time jobs.  From the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed I’m working or thinking about the next big thing.  I love what I do and working next to my fiancé Diana Chaloux all day makes life awesome.  I wake up everyday happy and feeling so blessed with all the great opportunites.  I get to help people shape their bodies and become happy again.  There is no price tag that can be placed on that

What keeps you motivated to stay in shape?

Honestly I know nothing else but this lifestyle.  I do not drink or party, every single choice I make is based around health and fitness from the choices I make by working out, eating properly and helping others reach their goals.  I practice exactly what I preach, me being in shape motivates and inspires others to get in shape.  That is the best motivation possible.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

The workouts and the diet for me are not hard, you push your body to the limits and make the right choices day in day out and you feel great.  I have always been good with hard work and discipline if I had a goal.  I live in a area of the country where being in top shape is not very common so going out in public both myself and fiancé get stared at and even approached like we are freaks of nature , lol.. It’s the strangest thing when you think about it.

Famous fitness icon/bodybuilder you would most like to have coffee/protein shake with?

I actually ate dinner with Ronnie Coleman which was awesome, great guy.  I would probably have to say Arnold, he made fitness what it is today. I would dare him to compete against me on the seated calf machine, deadly dropsets!!!

Micah’s Video

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Top 3 tips for people who want to get in shape?

Getting in shape takes 3 things, Proper Nutrition, Working Out and Lifestyle changes.  You have to really want it and be willing to make the sacrifices needed to get to your goal.  When it comes down to it, its about making the right choices day in day out, you make enough positive ones and you will succeed in everything you do!!

What is the biggest fitness (weight loss, work out, diet) myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

The one I hear the most is so how many crunches should I do to get a six pack.  I get this email so often that I wrote a response that is saved and sent to anyone who asks.. Abs are made by getting your body fat low enough where you can visually see your abs.  Typically for a guy you need to be below 8% body fat and girls under 12%.  Doing crunches will strengthen your core which is important but you have to get the layer of fat off your stomach to see them.  You have to eat right and train hard.  If you keep at it and be patient one day you will wake up and look in the mirror .. there they are!!!

Your favorite ab exercise?

I love hanging leg raises and weighted decline crunch.

Any final words of wisdom?

You deserve to be happy and healthy.  You must cut out all the negative people and things in your life and focus on you.  When you are 100% inside and out you will find your happiness.  Train hard and eat right.  Believe in yourself again!!!  Remember you have control of your choices.

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