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We talk to super sexy fitness model Laura London
By Peter Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 05:20 PM
Laura London burst on to the fitness scene a little more than a year ago and has been on fire ever since.  This 5’ 2” 45 year old mother of three shows us that age has no barrier on fitness.  What Laura has accomplished in the past year is just short of amazing. 

She went from a stay at home mom to a national level figure competitor, internationally published fitness model, has been in infomercials, movie trailers and exercise DVD’s.  She has started her own fitness web site and was also voted “2010 Over 40 Transformation of the Year” by and that is just the beginning for this highly driven fitness role model.

We managed to track her down for a rare and exclusive interview to find out all her secrets and tips on getting ripped, staying young forever and having one of the best 6 packs in the business!   

One word to describe yourself?

Motivated: Fitness has given me the gift of motivation not only for myself but to help motivate others.  In my own life I can’t wait to get up each morning and face a new challenge or lean something new. 

How did you get into fitness/bodybuilding?

I was a tired, out of shape and overweight mother of 3. Grocery shopping one day, I found a fitness magazine full of before and after transformations.  I was determined to become a transformation myself and learned all I could about fitness, health and wellness. I am a regular mom who decided to make a huge change and have been having the best time of my life ever since.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

To date my biggest accomplishment is being published in a fitness magazine at the age of 45.  I am living proof that age has no barrier on fitness or beauty.  We can do anything we put our minds to.  Then, being a wife, mother and juggling a family and a fitness career is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

What is a typical daily routine for you?

Get up at 6 am. Answer email.. Wake up kids at 6:45.  Make 3 lunches, walk the dogs, feed the cat, do 3 loads of laundry. Drive everyone to school.  Train hard at the gym.  Eat healthy.  Work in my office on Laura London Fitness business.  Pick up kids, homework, dinner, more laundry, some TV and a little time with Mr. London and then it starts all over again the next day, and I would have it no other way J

What keeps you motivated to stay in shape?

Competing keeps me motivated to stay in shape. Knowing that I have to get on stage in front of a lot of people in a tiny bikini is pretty motivating. Most of all I have been overweight and unhappy and I never want to be there again.. The support of my family and motivating comments from fans telling me that I am inspiring them to lead a healthier life is a major motivating factor and keeps me going.

What is your eating plan like?

I eat very simple, very clean and very green.  I eat foods as close to mother nature as possible and keep out the processed foods.  A typical day would be:

  • Breakfast – Old fashioned oats & 1 whole egg and 3 whites
  • Snack – Apple & hard boiled egg, my green “Kamut” drink ( Kamut is actually baby wheat grass )
  • Lunch – Tuna with Pineapple Salsa on Ezekiel Toast with veggies
  • Snack – Protein shake and a piece of fruit or a Greek Yougurt with fruit, cinammon and sprinkle of wheat germ
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken for fish, sweet potato and steamed veggies

What food can’t you go without?

I could not live without chocolate.  I am a chocoholic.  My friend has introduced my to the Godiva Dark chocolate and I am addicted.  But only in moderation. It is a treat to look forward to.

What is your workout plan like?

I work out hard and I work out smart.  I love to train but don’t want to spend all day in the gym, I have too much to do.  I combine weight training with cardio moves.  It spikes up my heart rate and burns fat while at the same time I am training hard and building muscle.  I alternate my workout routine often to make sure I am hitting every part of my body.  One day it might be balls and bands, another day free weights or one day I might just use the TRX.  I find doing this keeps the body guessing and it keeps me in tip top shape year round.

What is the most challenging thing for you when it comes to staying in shape?

Balance, keeping everything in balance is always a challenge.  Life has a way of always taking over and getting in the way. Setting goals and scheduling my workouts keeps me on track.  There are days when I just don’t feel like going to the gym.  But just like an appointment I know I need to keep it and keep the commitment I have made to myself to be fit and healthy for life. 

Top 3 tips for people who want to get in shape?

1) Talk to people who have done what you want to accomplish.  They are always happy to help and offer advice.

2) Write down your goals and read them every day.  I am serious!  Once you put them down on paper they start to become real.

3) Give it 100 percent effort and stick with it.  Don’t get discouraged it takes time, patients and determination to get where you want to be.

Laura’s Photo Shoot Video

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Your own physical feature you are most proud of?

It has to be a tie between my abs and my apple crushing biceps! 

Body part of a guy you findmost sexy?

I just love a guys strong sexy shoulders.

Famous fitness icon/bodybuilder you would most like to have coffee/protein shake with?

Jenny Lynn, I would love to pick her brain

What is the biggest myth you encounter every day in the fitness industry?

People don’t have enough time to exercise.  We all have the same 24 hours, it is how you use them that matters.

Your favorite six pack abs exercises/workout?

My favorite ab exercise is a crunch holding a weight plate behind my head.  It really challenges my abs and makes them pop!

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