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At only 23 Years old Alex is taking the fitness industry by storm. In this interview he reveals his secret to success and how to get an amazing body just like his!
By Peter Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 04:16 PM

“Perseverance, dedication, motivation, these are all meaning I had to learn on my own. Whether one is a dedicated bodybuilder or fitness model or even both, if you want to be successful in anything in life you need all of those attributes to succeed.

I’m only a pup when it comes to the fitness industry but being featured in magazines such as Men’s Exercise, Physique magazine, Muscle and Fitness and others tells me I am going in the right direction in the fitness industry and I know that the hard work I put in is finally paying off. This isn’t to mean that every day I don’t put more work that I have in the past, actually I put even more because I know that the best amongst the best work for what they have.

Being a published author, international fitness model and competitive athlete is only the tip of the ice-berg, I plan in achieving more and more every time I get the chance too. Along my path, helping and motivating others is what I plan in achieving as well. What’s the point in learning so much if you can’t pass it on? Being a personal trainer is a small step into achieving that but I hope to get the chance to do more for others as my coaches have done for me.”

Having achieved all of this at the age of only 23 and having a body most of us can only dream of, we knew we had learn more about this fitness Super Star in the making and luckily we managed to track him down and ask him exactly what it takes to get ripped just like him!


Birth Place: Brasilia-Brazil Residence: Denver-CO
Height: 5′ 10″ Weight: 190lbs
Age: 23 Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown  

One word to describe yourself?



How did you get into fitness/bodybuilding?

It was during the summer of my junior year back home in Brazil when my older brother first took me to his local gym that I had my first encounter with the Iron. From that day on, the Iron and I became best friends. However it took more than that, at first I knew that I needed to educate myself on the sport if I wanted to do well in it. My resources were very limited back when I lived in South America but I did what I could; reading online articles and only a couple of magazines I was able to at least comprehend the basics of training, supplementation and eating. Only when I came to the United States was I truly able to pursue my bodybuilding dream. The next step happened once I graduated from college and moved to Denver where I met two great people. The first one was Rick Sosias and the second was gym owner Chris Williamson at Inner Strength Fitness. Initially they both perfected my training and nutritional foundations. After a couple of months Chris and I kept working together and today we are planning on perfecting my body for the new 2011 NPC Men’s Physique Division. It seems like every day that I am learning something new and re-starting the whole process.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

I was blessed with several big accomplishments such as being part of the Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding Team and being a fully sponsored athlete with them. Beginning of this year (2010) I also won my local show here in Colorado; placing 1st in the Open Lightheavy class and wining the Novice Middleweight as well. Later in the year I was once again blessed to win the Muscle and Fitness online Model Search contest and get to compete during the Olympia. I placed 3rd out of 50+ contestants and several weeks after that get a 3 month issue spread with them. Every single accomplishment is better than the other and I am excited for 2011 and what I want to bring.

What is your eating plan like?

I have decided not to compete in bodybuilding shows anymore, for that reason I am planning on staying lean all year long and not be more than 3 weeks out ready for a shoot or a competition. For that reason my nutritional regimen looks cleaner than usual. I feel healthier and more functional that way as well. My macronutrients looks on average daily like this:

Protein: 300-350g

Carbs: 250-350g

Fats: 50g or less daily

I try and consume simple carbs in the morning with breakfast and post training and post cardio and in between meals complex carbs. I want to fuel my body, not overstock it with unnecessary storage.  On average I consume 6 meals a day; 4 solid meals and 2 protein shakes. Eating every 2-3 hours also keeps my metabolism higher and my muscles with amino acids flowing.

What food can’t you go without?

Eggs! I have 2cups in the morning every morning.

What is a typical daily routine for you?

“Typical” is not for me. Every single day of the week is different for me. As a personal trainer my schedule changes daily due to my clients and the schedule they want me to train them. The only common factor I have on a daily basis is performing cardio and training later. Even that doesn’t have a specific order, some days I perform cardio first thing in the morning and sometimes before I’m getting ready to go to bed. However if I had to put “typical” I would say that that training, cardio, work and eating are all I do.

What are your workouts like?

My body split is designed for what my current needs are. Currently I train five times per week and perform cardiovascular six times per week. On Saturdays I perform Conditioning Class at Inner Strength Fitness and Sundays are my rest day. Monday through Friday though this is what my body split looks like:

Monday: Chest, Biceps, Abs

Tuesday: Delts, Triceps, Abs

Wednesday: Quad, Hams, Calves

Thursday: Back, Bicep, Abs

Friday: Delts, Triceps, Abs

Saturday: Conditioning Class, Calves

Sunday: Rest


What keeps you motivated to stay in shape?

I had always thought that what kept me motivated was simply staying healthy and that to be a personal trainer you have to be in the shoes of your customers. However lately I realized that besides those two what really keeps me motivated is inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle and to compete. Competing is an excitement that everyone needs to experience for themselves if they ever want to feel what I feel. Training your body and mind every day for that one moment, to show others that sweat and blood does result in the physique one hard worked for is a great feeling. In addition, being in fitness magazines is a great way to keep myself motivated, I really want the cover of one of the big magazines, slowly I’m getting there.

Famous fitness icon/bodybuilder you would most like to have coffee/protein shake with?

Dam, there are a couple that I would like to sit down and chat about tons of stuff. For example I would love to sit down with my Brazilian fellow mate IFBB Pro Eduardo Correa to discuss his challenges of overcoming what I overcame and get our name out in the United States. There is also IFBB Pro StanMcQuay whom was one of the most famous fitness models and then became an IFBB Pro. He had been my motivation from day one to start training. Lately I have been reading about more fitness model icons since I’m transitioning to Physique next year. For that reason I would love to have a sit down with International Fitness Model Greg Plitt and simply discuss nutrition and training.

Alex’s Video

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Top 3 tips for people who want to get six pack abs?

  1. Staying consistent is key; having one thought that keeps you motivated will push you to get the goals you want.
  2. Eat wisely; eating the right things and the right time will make sure you supply your body with the ‘bricks’ to build and restore itself
  3. Be Smart; there are thousands of articles on nutrition, training, supplements and tons more out there. You have to try some of them and see what your body responds best too and not strictly followed someone else’s regimen. We are all born different and we all respond to different supplements and training regimens differently.

You own physical feature you are most proud of?

I’m a self-driven person. My entire youth people always told me I was not going to be able to achieve ¼ of the things that I have already done. Now I’m self motivated for greater things.

What is the most challenging thing you deal with about consistently staying in top shape?

Not having enough time in one day to do everything I want do to at my own pace. I constantly feel rushed to have to run through my training in order to train my clients, because of that I have a hard time also cooking for myself and eating exactly what I wish I could have.

What is the biggest fitness (weight loss, work out, diet) myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

The biggest myth I encounter is that taking carbs out of one’s diet will get your ripped. This annoys me since it’s a very common thing that I hear from teens talking to me about. They think that if they don’t consume any carbs they will get as shredded as the people they see and read about in the magazines. The other biggest misconception I notice a lot is people depending on supplements more than on food. Supplements as their name imply are there to supplement a good nutritional and training regimen.

Your favorite six pack abs exercises/workout?

I perform abdominal training 4x/ week, on a daily basis I want to target my obliques, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and internal and all of the smaller muscles in the region. For that reason I try and hit my abs for all angles. On average my routine looks like this:

Hangin Leg Raises 3×10

Hanging Side Twists 3×10

Decline Crunches 4×15

Decline Bench Russian Twists 3×10

The important thing with abdominal training is feeling the muscle contracting. It’s not about moving and contracting the abdominal wall, it’s about feeling it.

Any Final words of wisdom?

Make training fun, I could never imagine someone going to the gym every day because they have too and not because they want to be there. On a daily basis I feel excited to go to the gym and train my body; regardless leg day might not be the most fun it’s still essential for a proportional and symmetrical body. Having goals; both short and long term keep your eye on the game all times. Finally, hard work does pay off, I have heard this one before but I am a true believer of it.

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