The No:1 Diet Mistake that Causes Plateaus ( And how to Fix It Instantly )

If you have hit a plateau then you might want to check that you are not making this simple diet mistake.
By Peter Monday, January 21, 2013, 08:42 PM

Today I am going to reveal one of the simplest yet most devastating diet mistakes I see people make on a daily basis. In fact this diet mistake can sometimes solely be responsible for you hitting a plateau.

Now let me just start and say, this is not really your fault because I have come across very few diet manuals in my time that actually talk about this and if it was not for me making this mistake myself many years ago when I did my own body transformation I probably would not have actually discovered it myself.


Say WHAT??? Let me explain…

So you are starting a new diet and after you read the whole book you are being told to calculate your daily calorie intake that will help you lose weight. So you start by getting your BMR ( Base Metabolic Rate ) and then deduct a few calories off that so that you are on a calorie deficit diet and hopefully lose some weight this way. Now when you start you calculate all of this for your weight at that moment. Let’s say it was 250lbs for argument sake.

6 Weeks later you have lost 18 pounds but you can’t seem to lose one more pound. You are doing everything exactly the way you have been doing it up to this point to lose that first 10 pounds. You are sticking to your diet and busting your butt in the gym but nothing is happening. YOU HAVE HIT A PLATEAU so to speak. You then start to blame the workout program or the diet, some people resort to drastic measures like taking more and more fat burners and then, probably the worst, some people just STOP and give up.

Now first of all, some of the above reasons like a bad workout or diet program can be to blame but more often than not, it is in fact just a simple diet mistake that is causing all of this.

See after you’ve lost the first 18 pounds you can’t continue to eat the same amount of calories you used to eat when you were 250lbs and expect to still lose weight. Your body now needs less calories and unless you ADJUST YOUR CALORIE intake you are literally going to eat as many calories as you burn each day and that means you will not lose any more weight because you don’t have a calorie deficit anymore.

By simply readjusting your daily calorie intake again you could start to lose weight again almost instantly. In fact I get my clients to readjust their calorie intake each week as they lose enough weight for it to have an effect on their daily calorie intake.

So if you feel you have hit a plateau, before you start to blame the whole world, make sure you have not made this simple diet mistake that could possibly be the reason for you not getting the results you used to get.