Extreme Cardio Workout for Six Pack Abs

This cardio workout was designed to help you burn fat and get six pack abs in a very short amount of time.
By Peter Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 05:03 PM

Our latest workout is an extreme home cardio workout that will help you burn fat and get six pack abs in just 16 minutes. We have used some of the most powerful full body weight training and cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up and keep your metabolism high all day long.  This is also a great functional workout that will help with balance and everyday tasks as much as it will help you get six pack abs.

Workout Structure

  • You have 4 exercises.
  • Do each exercise for 20seconds followed by 10 second rest
  • Move straight onto the next exercises until you have complete all 4 exercises
  • Repeat the full circuit a minimum of 7 times



  • Quick Feet x 20sec / Rest 10sec
  • Squat Curl Press x 20sec / Rest 10sec
  • Mountain climbers x 20sec / Rest 10sec
  • One arm Snatch x 20sec/ Rest 10sec

Repeat 7 times