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Calories Burned Calculator


The Calories Burned Calculator shows how many calories are burned over a period of time using different types of exercise.

You can choose to do any activity for a certain amount of time which you have available and see how many calories it will burn, or you can decide you want to burn a certain amount of calories and see which activity could be used and for how long you would need to exercise.


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  1. Angelina
    July 20, 2012
    8:28 am

    Hey, Peter, you do not say what I should do to burn 1000 calories. It says minutes to be burned so many calories and it shows all of the activities. I do not want to do all these activities. I do regular exercise, your workouts, etc. So, how many calories do I burn? I sweat like crazy.

  2. peter
    July 24, 2012
    12:30 am

    Use a Heart Rate Monitor and you will find out 🙂

  3. jimmey
    August 2, 2012
    9:03 am

    hey peter, iwanna ask you question I am 17 years old and plz iwanna know how many Kilocalories are needed for me per a day ???

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