7 Rules For Better Abs

If you ever want to see your abs you better start living by these 7 rules!
By Peter Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 11:10 PM

Do you often gaze down at the cover of your favorite fitness magazine, wishing that you could have abs like that model? You might think it can’t be all that hard – just exercise and eat correctly, right?

Not quite.

Before you get yourself off on a plan to get shredded abs, you had better have a good grasp of what this goal will entail. Because the abdominal area is the primary place where most people tend to store fat first, it means it’s going to be the place where you tend to lose fat last.

Not to mention if you really want that cut up look, it’s going to mean approaching very low body fat levels – levels that we as humans are not naturally meant to be.

The good news is that with the right tips however, you can achieve success. The real question is are you up for the challenge?

Here’s what you must know if you are going to stand any hope of achieving abs.

1 -You’ll Feel Like A Snail At Times

With some muscle groups, it’ll likely seem like two weeks of heavy training for them and they’re starting to shape up quickly. You gain confidence, you gain motivation, and you’re proud of your gym performance.

The same is not going to happen for abs. There will be hard times, but, if you want success, you must persevere. Keep in mind that each healthy meal eaten, each hard workout performance, and each night of quality rest is in fact getting you closer.

It may not feel like it, but it is.

Likewise, don’t try and crash diet, thinking it’ll get you there faster. It may be tempting to adopt that 1000 calorie per day plan since theoretically it’ll have you creating the calorie deficit needed rapidly, but your body will fight back.

Your metabolism will slow down.
Your mood will plummet.
Your motivation will be non-existent.
And all you’ll want to do is sleep – 24/7.

Moderation wins the race here. Use a moderate calorie deficit and you’ll make your way to that end goal in due time.

2 -Fats Are Not Your Enemy

Think the best way to rid fat is to stop eating it? Wrong. In fact, you need to eat fat to burn fat.

If your diet is too low in healthy fats, you’ll be feeling the hunger demon literally 10 minutes after you eat each meal. It will never go away.

What’s more is that the right fats – namely omega-3 fatty acids – will actually help to boost insulin sensitivity, which means you have a reduced risk of converting the carbs you eat straight to body fat.

This is all good news for that six pack goal you have in mind.

Feast on fatty fish varieties at least three to four times a week and then supplement that with avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and whole eggs.

You should be taking at least 0.35 grams of dietary fat per pound of body weight – not any less or your body will fight you to give up its fat stores.

3 -Man, However, Is

On the other hand, what is your enemy is man. Man-made foods – that granola bar you had for breakfast, the bread you ate in your sandwich for lunch, and the bag of low fat pretzels you snacked on halfway through your afternoon are all disastrous for your health and for getting abs.

To really succeed, you need to eat natural. Eat foods that Mother Nature created – foods that man has never touched.

The minute a food undergoes any sort of processing is the minute nutrients are stripped away from it and the minute it becomes that much more likely to wind up on your hips, thighs, and lower abs as excess body fat.

This means eating far more foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, oats, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and grass fed meats.

Choose these and watch how lean you’ll become.

4 -Can The Condiments

Before you even begin your quest to get a flat stomach, I would highly suggest going through your kitchen and tossing a number of items right into the garbage can.

Topping that list?

All the sauces and condiments you have stored in that refrigerator door. Whether it’s the cheese whiz you love to slather on a slice of toast in the morning or the teriyaki sauce you use to flavor your chicken breast, none of these have a place in a get-lean diet plan.

They are loaded with the three worse ingredients – sugar, sodium, saturated fats.

Instead shoot for things like lemon juice,  home made salsa and guacamole.

These will either provide you with healthy fats or barely contain any calories at all, so are a safe addition.

Remember that you can flavor your foods with as many fresh herbs and spices as you like, so this is a fast way to liven up any stale diet plan.

5 -Know Your Liquids

Another grave mistake that many people do as they go about their quest for flat abs is making the mistake of consuming liquid calories.

Get this. You drink a tall glass of juice before lunch. This packs in about 175 calories. Now ask yourself, will that glass of juice make you eat less at lunch?

For 99.9% of the population, absolutely not. People just don’t register liquid calories because they aren’t filling. So now because of this juice, you’ve just consumed 175 calories more than you could have that day. Since fat burning is all about how many calories you consume versus expend, hopefully you can see just how detrimental this really is.

Gourmet coffee’s, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and sodas all must be avoided entirely.

The only exception to this rule is green tea, herbal tea, black coffee, as well as your protein shake. These can and should be included in your program in moderation.

6 -Do Not Become Cardio Crazed

Another major error typically made when six pack abs are the goal is to hop onto the treadmill and start running for as long as you possibly can. If you begin to feel like your life is a non-stop cardio session, it’s time to get off that bandwagon.

Realize that all that cardio is only eating away at your lean muscle mass tissue, which is like the calorie burning engine of your body. The less muscle you have, the harder reaching six pack abs will be.

The better choice?

High Intensity Strength Training. These types of workouts has been proven to be without a doubt the best kind for fat burning and that is why almost all my workout programs like the 6WeekSixPack Challenge are based on these type of workouts.

So drop the bicep curls and crunches as it won’t get the job done. You need to train intensely and you need to do big compound full body movements. CLICK HERE for samples of these kinds of workouts.

7 -Mute That Snooze Button

If you are serious about getting abs, you must be serious about getting sleep. Period.

Most people don’t realize the full impact that sleep has on their body. Not only will it influence your metabolic rate, therefore determining how fast you burn up body fat, but in addition to that, it can also influence insulin sensitivity, influence your energy levels, influence your mood (and therefore ability to push through cravings), as well as influence your recovery.

Without sleep, you don’t stand much of a chance of seeing the results you desire. Eight to nine hours is what it’ll take. If you aren’t getting this, it’s time to start.

So there you have the biggest things you must know if you want to see six pack success. Make sure you really weigh in on these for yourself and ensure you are ready to make the changes necessary.

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