8 Tips to help You stay Motivated and get 6 Pack Abs Faster!

Put these 8 fail proof motivational tips to work for you and you will never again have a problem to find a reason to go do your workout or eat right!
By Peter Thursday, May 5, 2011, 04:27 PM

When we start any kind of weight loss program we can be extremely excited about it all. We wake up each morning and go to the gym and we do everything by the book. But this initial spark will only last for a week or so and if you do not have powerful motivational strategies in place to help you push through the hard times you will soon just become another statistic of how many people fail to stick to their new weight loss program.

Below I have listed 8 motivational tips that will help you continue even during the coldest winter mornings or after your toughest day at work. Put these fail proof tricks to work for you and you will never again have a problem to find a reason to go do your workouts or eat right!

  1. Think of the end product.  What you will look like and how you will feel in the weeks and months from now.  Even take a photo out of a fitness magazine of your dream body and put it somewhere where you will see it all day long.
  2. Focus on the glory of victory, the prize or reward you have selected at the completion of the program. If it is a dream beach holiday then really visualize for 5 to 10min each day how you are going to feel when you take your shirt off and you are ripped on the holiday.
  3. Measure your progress every two weeks.  Nothing motivates like success, NOTHING! So take a before photos and then every two weeks take another photo to see your results. You can also do a body composition test every 4 weeks to see how much body Fat you have lost or muscle gained.  
  4. Get a training partner or join a group.  Someone who can push you that little bit further during each workout can make all the difference and hold you accountable. You can even join a challenge like the 6WeekSixPack Challenge where you know you are not alone and have over 5000 other people working just as hard as you to get ripped.
  5. Mix things up.  Change your diet food choices, abdominal exercise selection and workout regimes every four weeks.  If you continue with the same regime week after week you will soon plateau and your results will dramatically drop, not to mention you will be bored out of mind. 
  6. Get yourself an Ipod with some of your favorite songs. I have tested this a few times and if I go and do a workout without my music or Ipod, my results and workouts are a lot worse. Music will motivate like few other things.
  7. Challenge yourself by setting yourself fun playful targets and goals.  It can be a bet to get ripped before summer or maybe just the look on all your fiends faces who you have seen for while when they see how great you look at your next birthday. 
  8. Action creates motivation.  Movement will trigger your body and mind to become motivated.  Just start the workout, no matter how slowly, once you get going you will get more into it and before you know it you feel motivated and energized to push harder. 

I know these 8 tips might sound simple and easy, but they are powerful and I have seen them in action with many of my clients. I have seen how people who absolutely hated exercise take these tips and within a few weeks of using them they can’t stop. They just want to know when the next workout is and what other healthy recipes I have for them to try out. So believe me, if it is motivation you need, these 8 tips will deliver!

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