6WeekSixPack Q&A's

Welcome to the 6WeekSixPack Xtreme Q&A section. Below you will find many of the questions that has been asked answered and if you don’t find the answer you are looking for you can also send us a question at qanda@6weeksixpack.com

Q) Hey Peter I’m loving the workouts so far and thank you for helping me begin my journey to being in the best shape of my life! One question about recovery/rest days, do you still go for a run in the morning or is that strictly for active days only?

A) On day 7 or my off day I normally go and do a fun active like a bike ride with a friend or go walking on a beach or something like that. Sure if you like you could also still go for a slow cardio workout in the morning but nothing more as your body needs the rest.

 Q) Hey peter, if I take protein supplements, would they help me to lose weight ? Or are they just a waste of money. 

A) Protein won’t help you lose weight as such. What it will do is help you hang on to your muscle which in return will help keep your metabolism high and so help you burn more calories throughout the day.

Q) Hello peter, love the work you put into the 6packsixweek challenge. I eat TONES of carbs around my workouts. I reduce at night but I will still have some quinoa or sweet potato for dinner. Should I worry about eating too many carbs around my workouts (they are all clean carbs) or am is it fine to just continue fuelling my workouts. How many carbs do you suggest someone (such as myself, I am 17, 6’1, 145lbs) doing this challenge consume around these workouts?

A) I would cut all complex carbs late at night for best results. As far as how much carbs, you can find exact info on calories counting at : http://www.the6packdiet.com

Q) I signed up on the 16 of January, 00:40 am I still in time in sending the photos for the challenge? Which e-mail should I use?

A) You can send you photos in at any time as we do the challenge throughout the year. So on day one of your challenge you send me your before photo to peter@sixpackfactory.com and then 6 weeks later you send me your after photo. Make sure you take your before and after photo in accordance to the guideline provided in the Final Checklist e-mail you will get when you sign up.

Q) I train Taekwondo 3 times a week and the training is very intense. Do you think it’s possible to combine this training and the challenge?

A) Sure, this kind of training will only make you stronger and better at your sport. But maybe do our weight training and use your sport training as your cardio for the week.

Q) 2 days ago I did the Slow Cardio + HIIT Cardio + Abs and my stomach hurts a lot. Can it be over-training?

A) If you have not trained for a while then your abs might hurt for up to 3 days after you train them for the first time. It just means you did a great workout. If they continue to hurt after 3 to 4 days then you might have injured them and then it is best to get yourself checked out by a Doctor.

Q) Hello Peter , I’ve a problem , I don’t know how to do a good stretch and warm up for this workout , so if You can share a stretch workout and give us an examples for a good warm-up , I’ll be grateful . And thanks for this amazing workout .

A) No problem.

Find a good pre-workout warm-up routine here: http://www.sixpackfactory.com/the-best-pre-workout-stretching-warm-up-routine/

Find a good post-workout stretching routine here: http://www.sixpackfactory.com/the-best-post-workout-stretching-routine/

Q) Can I send my before photo in a few days as my photo won’t download onto my computer at the moment. I have taken it before I started so is that OK?

A) As long as you send us your before photo with 3 days of starting and it is taken with a newspaper with the same date as when you stared it is ok.

Q)I don’t have time to do the slow cardio in the morning , will I not get my six pack abs with the workout done properly in the evening ? How important is the slow cardio in the morning?

A) The slow cardio will help you get ripped faster but you will still get 6 pack abs if you eat right and train only once per day. How quickly you will get 6 pack abs depends on how high your fat % is when you started and how dedicated you are to the workouts and your diet.

Q) Thanks so much I am absolutely loving this workout plan. Wake up every morning can’t wait to do the next workout. I was just wondering if you could please give a rundown of your day eg what time when you work out, how long you should eat before working out what to eat before working out and what are some good snacks to eat. Whenever I get hungry I am just eating almonds although I think they are high in fat. Thanks so much Peter you champion.

A) Foe detailed info on what I personally do you can go to http://www.sixpackrehab.com where I will provide you with my detailed diet, workout and diary info. Almonds is high in fat so don’t eat too many but they are still better then sweet!

Q) Which diet is the best to use with this whole workout? 

A) The diet we created at http://www.sixpackrehab,com is specifically to go with the 6WeekSixPack Challenge. http://www.the6packdiet.com is more general diet and it is more comprehensive.

Q) One of my big concerns is: I tend to eat a lot of sweets although it doesn’t add pounds, how do I substitute in something for sugary foods? For example what can I eat a lot of that won’t interfere with the xtreme 6week6pack challenge?

A) Try fruits rather.

Q) Hey peter, I was wondering, you say in most of your videos or at the bottom, you do a slow Cardio every morning, but what do you actually do and for how long? Also, it may be a bit much, but if you manage, could you do the day’s workout twice? ie, one in the morning and one at late afternoon?

A) I do either a slow jog for 30 to 40 minutes or I go for a bike ride for the same amount of time. You could if you like but I would rather just do the weight or HIIT workout and then add a second slow cardio workout.

Q) Hi Peter , just want to know if i only eat good carbs after eliminating all sugars and white foods and fats and doesn’t eat enough or very little protein will i get ripped after this 6 week challenge?

A) Well you should not eat very little protein in the first place and you SHOULD cut out all the rubbish you mentioned. But you should have a good protein, carbs and fats with every meal ( In the right ratios ) to lose fat quickly and healthily.