6 Never Fail Techniques to Skyrocket Your Motivation

Use these 6 Never Fail Techniques to Skyrocket Your Motivation
By Peter Thursday, January 15, 2015, 01:11 AM

Feeeling lik it takes a colossal amount of effort to even get into your workout gear, never mind step foot in your home gym and start the session?

When you first started your workout routine, chances are you hit every workout without missing a beat. Now that months have passed however, you’ve been more prone to pulling out the sofa bed for a night of TV marathons than pulling out the dumbbells.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Motivation is something that will fluctuate as time goes on, but with these tips, it shouldn’t pull any more disappearing acts on you.

Never Lose Sight Of The End Goal

First and foremost, never lose sight of that end goal. It’s easy to let immediate gratification tempt you. You’re human and you love that feeling of satisfaction, so putting it off, can be trying.

Write down a list of your goals how you will feel after achieving them. Put this list somewhere that you see it daily (the fridge will be a good place for you mindless snackers).

If you can keep these points in mind when you get the urge to go in for that sweet slice of apple pie or feast on the double cheeseburger you’re craving, it may just help keep you on track. Think big picture – not immediate satisfaction.

The satisfaction you get from reaching your long-term goal will always be far more pronounced than any food will be or any activity you skipped your session for.

Set A Daily Workout Goal

Another smart technique to help you rev up your motivation to see success is to set a daily workout goal. You have those long-term goals and that’s great. Squat twice your weight. Bench press 20 more pounds. Perform 20 pull-ups. Whatever the case may be, all of these will help inspire you to keep at it.

But, will they be enough? For most people, they aren’t. Instead, consider setting a daily workout goal. Think up one thing that you hope to accomplish in that workout itself and you’ve now just given that workout a purpose.

When you skip a single workout as you strive to hit that long term goal, it doesn’t seem all that important in the big scheme of things.

But when you had a goal to reach that workout, it suddenly becomes more critical. These goals should be very easy to reach with just a minimal amount of effort. Just enough effort that you do need to get into the gym and push a little.

Get A Group Together

Think home workouts have to mean solo workouts? It’s time to think again. Consider getting a group of people together for home workouts. Provided you have the space available, having another person to be there to spot and support you can go a long way to keeping you motivated.

Plus, the social element makes it that much more interesting.

If you can, try and find a partner who is slightly stronger or fitter than you are. Working out with them will add to the inspiration they give you, helping you see an even greater motivational boost.

Log Those Sessions

With all the different phone application workout trackers now available, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be logging your workouts.

Most people think this is just for reference sake, but it can be an excellent motivational tool. Next time you feel like it’s not worthwhile to keep hitting the gym because it feels like you’re making very little progress, look back at what you were lifting two months ago.

You’ll see the difference. This is also great when you may not notice as many changes to your physique and you need a little something to inspire you.

Sometimes physical changes are slow, but the changes you are getting in the weight room will be greater.

Seek Enjoyment

Nothing will crush your motivation quite like a workout you don’t enjoy, so make absolutely sure you are having fun.

This includes making sure the workout is realistic for you to follow with your current time schedule. If the workout calls for five sessions a week and you’re have night class three nights a week, chances are something has to give – and it will likely be that workout.

If you aren’t looking forward to the sessions any longer, this is a sign something needs to change – pronto. Try and adjust your workout routine, adding something new every 2-3 weeks as well to keep you mentally stimulated.

Get A Mentor

Finally, don’t overlook the power of a mentor. Having someone you respect and look up to is a great way to get yourself motivated to keep at it. If you can talk to this person in real life, even better.

If it’s just someone online that you watch videos of or listen to intervals, that’s fine too. As long as your interaction with this person (in whatever form) serves to get you excited about your own workouts, he or she will be serving their purpose.

So don’t let the motivational doldrums get you down any longer. Instead, get a game plan in place. Try and come up with some motivational boosting strategies before the motivational lull hits. This way, you can tackle the problem before it starts.

Realize that we all have bad days as you will too, but as long as these bad days are few and far between, you are on the road to success.